Design Contests

Here we maintain a record of Community DAO Weekly Design Contests…

Initially, these competitions had different themes each week. From “Gms” to memes to short videos to Summer Fun to Real Estate to Metaverse sales and so on, these exercises kept the team fresh and always putting on a new show! One of the primary functions of Community DAO is to act as a perpetual protocol generating body, whether in fields of writing or design. The weekly contests demonstrate this action.

However, as time has gone on, our process has evolved into a type of NFT clearinghouse. Now, each week, designers present their graphics and original art works for consideration to be minted as NFTs and put into a general collection now available at The Ravenist:

C0MM/DAO is a worldwide organization intended to create a new foundation for economies through the Core Particle of the “Community.” To that end, we welcome all new arrivals and participants in the project and its many facets.

Currently, however, our NFT design team is predominantly Nigerian. We have almost 30 active content creators from West Africa! We feel that this involves a unique collaboration opportunity for those joining in the West to begin engaging with developing countries in Africa. Through blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Ravencoin, we are able to reach artists in remote areas. We can communicate, interact, trade, assign rewards and develop “crowdworking” projects that benefit from group effort and focus.

Rarely before has there been such an easy pipeline for working with foreign peoples across borders for common purposes!

Note: If designs are entered into our contests, we maintain the right at Community DAO, to mint those designs for a variety of purposes, including sales and promotion. First and foremost, we are interested in developing the rising careers of the designers behind these NFTs. But we may also utilize NFTs to grow our project through book publications and other types of marketable strategies.