Welcome to Community DAO, your first stop for onboarding into Web3 and the emerging world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations! An exciting adventure awaits you! Here at CommDAO we understand that “community” is the core particle of civilization, rather than the individual or the state. So, we offer universal modular community building across multiple fronts to emphasize our mission of “Connecting Web3 To The Real World.” Our primary focus to date has been on developing real estate tokenization protocols as those may apply to metaverse worlds as well as irl property acquisition. When we think of community, we think of being able to gather together, somewhere, in a place. For this reason, structuring a pipeline for property acquisition is a priority.

But in the wake of our development, we realized that DAOs are much more complex than traditional businesses. We had to stop and consider how to develop consensus and governance mechanisms. Should we create inner chat rooms with key players and rely on their expertise and vision? What would qualify them to enter those interior chambers of discussion? Who would select these decision makers? Or should we open up the floodgates and offer binding votes and debates to the entire Discord membership upfront or even make similar offerings to the general public on forums like Twitter? What does it mean to have a stake in decision-making in a DAO? Questions like these caused us to take a step back and to reorient ourselves upon organic demands as they made themselves apparent. There came a time where we needed to create a type of currency for translating points of merit into a store of credit. This led us to organize a contest to determine a winning design for a token brand or logo, in a democratic manner. In doing this we learned about some of the pitfalls in unregulated voting processes and how unexpectedly complex decision-making can become. The point is that we learned about DAOs firsthand, by beginning to make one organically. What we thought at first, changed over time. And that’s okay. We are all learning in a completely new emergent field, full of innovation.

The concept of Community involves broad considerations, as the term is based on voluntary consensus, collaboration, and organic networking amongst like minded individuals. This process is at the heart of Web3 development and represents a paradigm shift in business and social structuring. Here the network effect of community is anterior to any market driven bottom line or profit motive.

By imposing this component into our governance algorithms and rules, we create a new model that values ethical considerations of fair play and human character and neighborly conduct over cutthroat competition and a conception of society as a “rat race.”

Therefore, our overarching mission, above and beyond any market objective, is to educate new members about these ideas, thus creating a growing team of advocates for the new paradigm.

Even so, we do look forward to many profitable endeavors/projects/protocols to emerge from CommDAO as it develops into a more operational structure.

Now, on to a discussion of our initial tokenization protocol, based on the Ravencoin blockchain…