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Community DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization committed to “Connecting Web3 to the Real World” and developing a variety of marketable protocols now possible through the network effect of a new paradigm. We are the 1st and only DAO forming on the Ravencoin Blockchain, the most decentralized platform next to Bitcoin. We invite you to examine new asset/stock/equity models through the deployment of our native $C0MM, which you can begin earning immediately by interacting within the community. From Real Estate Tokenization to Metaverse Colonization and lots in between, CommDAO is a portal to a digital frontier. Join our Discord here to begin community building. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @thecommunitydao . Participate in our first NFT drive to sell fractionalized shares of the CommTower in the new world, Sky City.

Study the first 60 weeks of Community DAO’s history through the journal Commlink, edited by the leading DAO researcher in the field, Alina Okun, DBA.

According to Alina, “Community is the foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Community DAO thus bears in its name the symbol of the emerging era.

Through visualization design, web3 onboarding/education, organic structuring of governance consensus mechanisms, reporting on the state-of-the-industry and universal modular community building, we seek to establish foundational components enabling you to develop the personal tools necessary to succeed in the contemporary environment. Current projects include but are not limited to…

If you like this project and want to support efforts to maintain a solid digital community on the Ravencoin blockchain, please donate $RVN here: RA6wE795zHswzKdzuzgQvwbv7SBD18KCQB